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Hiking (the Ε4 & More)

Hiking (the Ε4 & more)

There are many other trails to follow other to the E4 that is the official European mountain path to the summit. You can take a quick hike to Junior Profitis Ilias or Saint Kiriaki, which is the peak seen directly from the hotel, and make your way through a paths known only by locals. Walking through the forest and having all your senses tingle, from seeing how the area is a natural spring hotspot, riddled with natural springs and in one quick walk you can see brooks and small waterfalls among tall evergreen trees, notice the friendly forest creatures scurrying about, hear the sounds of the forest, the birds, the critters, the babbling brooks and breath in the fresh wholesome air. Plus, anyone can have a swimming pool but who has a swimming pool at 850m with a view of the pine forest, the Saint Kiriaki peak and the entire Laconian valley?

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