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If Taygetos is your destination, then the option to stay is …

Ilaeira resort is built is an amazing picturesque location in a small village named Toriza, in the heart of Taygetus mountain, in Peloponnese region. Nestled on 850m height, in a very short distance from the center of Sparta (15km), the resort enjoys a perfect view over the Laconian valley and to the deep green forest.

Discover Taygetus hideouts, walk through small forgotten trails, reach the highest peak, drink the most refreshing water directly from mountain springs, drive through stunning mountain roads, seek for rear colorful flowers and the most wonderful birds, come back to your cozy private house full of new experiences and just relax! Trails for long hikes, mountain biking tours start right on the resort doorstep.

If Taygetos is your destination, then the option to stay is …

Ilaeira has a very special charm and a sense of energy coming through every corner. You are able to do nothing here or to do everything; a delicious feeling of freedom comes through this mountain.

The area has to offer a variety of things to do or to see, the most important Byzantine castles are in Laconia region, it is the town of Leonidas and his 300 men, but it is also a modern city with plenty of hotpots to have great unforgettable time during your stay. Taverns, bars, cafeterias, beautiful crystal beaches, give you a lot to think about and some planning to do before you come.

The perfect combination of history blended together with contemporary elements. Make your reservation now to discover all the hidden beauties of Laconia.

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