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Welcome to Ilaeira Mountain Resort, a resort built in a place of unparalleled natural beauty, right beneath Taygetus famous “Pyramid”, in a small picturesque village named Toriza. Ilaeira is within accessible distance of the Sparta city center, a place where one can find traces of the times of Menelaos & Helen and Leonidas & his 300 men, as well as plenty modern hotspots to create an unforgettable mix of experiences. While Sparta offers a perfect balance of history blended with contemporary elements, Taygetos is the Laconian crown jewel and Ilaeira sits at the heart of it.

Visit Ilaeira to discover Taygetus hideouts, walk through small forgotten trails, conquer the highest peak, drink the most refreshing water directly from mountain springs, drive through stunning mountain roads, seek for rare flowers and at the end of the day return to your cozy private house full of new experiences for rest and relaxation!

If you are not the thrill seeking type, you may simply lounge by Ilaeira’s charming pool and immerse yourself in a state of total relaxation only listening to the whispers of the mountain and taking in the sweet and spicy fragrances of nature. A small rounded children’s pool welcomes our little friends for swimming and playing with safety.

Sometimes we need to stop and smell the pines, and notice how this life is pretty amazing!

Ilaeira Resort
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Ilaeira Resort
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Ilaeira Resort
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Ilaeira Resort
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The family who owns the hotel has roots from the village of Palaiopanagia (10 mins from the hotel). Toriza, the small village that the hotel is located in, was a major summer destination of people of the surrounding areas (including Palaiopanagia) in older times because of the sweet fresh air that the pine tree forest offers, aiding the people, in a time before vitamin supplements, to be better prepared for the winter.

A few years ago, still being a summer destination though not as popular as it once was, the owners bought a small house in the Toriza area and spent many blissful, relaxing and energizing summers up in Toriza. The magic of place had captivated them and that is where the idea of bringing this beautiful place with the breathtaking of view to the laconian valley to the rest of the world was born.

Greece is renowned for its natural beauty, but mountain locations are often overlooked. It is our firm belief, however, that this wonderful location with the smell of pine and mesmerizing view is one to be promoted and shared with the world.

Our most rewarding moments are of course found in the recognition of the magical beauty of this place by our guests. The people’s reception makes us happy and official recognition through the numerous awards the hotel has won over the years only add the feeling of fulfillment.

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