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Hike To Agia Kiriaki Peak

Hike to Agia Kiriaki peak

Sitting on a rock perched high up on the mountain top, you can’t help but feel proud of yourself. Hiking is all about gazing at the imposingly rugged peaks all around you and feeling a profound sense of wonder. And for those special moments, your everyday stresses seem so far away. The peak of Agia Kiriaki is the summit (1200m) that is directly accessible from Ilaeira Resort and takes about 3 hours to get to and from. The nickname of this particular peak is Profotis Ilias Jr, since its height is half of the tallest peak of Taygetos (2400). Hiking to Agia Kiriaki will be an experience to remember!

*It is a path suitable for adults as well as children.


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