Comfort and luxury are blend together harmoniously!

Comfort and luxury are blend together harmoniously!

Explore our website! We look forward to welcoming you to Ilaeira Mountain Resort, on a journey to pure luxury and true relaxation.


Ilaeira mountain resort like a natural jewel gently nestles into the surrounding landscape of mt.Taygetus and opens up the magnificent view to unique mountain scenery and to the Laconian valley. Respect of its surroundings, environment and nature is reflected throughout all resort areas. A resort built in a way that reflects the preciousness of this beautiful place, of a mountain with so much inherent energy and beauty.

The resort is composed of suites, private houses and autonomous villas offering the most comfortable luxury on a breathtaking setting. Whether planning a couple’s escape, corporate retreat, or a family getaway our resort delivers an unforgettable blend of relaxation, true pleasure and adventure.

Our service-minded, competent staff will take the best care of you during your stay at Ilaeira resort. You can sense this throughout the hotel. It’s the attention to detail that leaves you with the comfortable feeling that this hospitality is genuine and comes from the heart. “We do our best” is our quote.

Ilaeira welcomes you with discretion, but also in a friendly warmth. We take it as the greatest praise when guests tell us that they feel like home.