Ilaeira Mountain Resort suggest…


You must not miss Mystras. A Byzantine castle really worth seeing, you won’t find anything like that anywhere in the world. It’s magnificence reveals from the moment you enter the big front castle’s gate, after that just let yourself imagine and live the fairytale among palaces, monasteries, churches walking through small romantic paths. The tour takes about 2.30 hours and the distance from the resort is a 30-35 min. drive.

Diros Caves.

One of the biggest and most amazing caves in the world. It will take you about 1 hour to drive there and then you see the river caves by boat. Just beautiful for all family members.

Hiking the Ε4.

A few meters higher from Ilaeira is a place truly worth seeing and exploring! Magganiari waterfall is only 10 far from the resort, you can stop there for a rest after your hiking or use it as the starting point of your hiking. Drink the most clean refreshing water from the water spring and the E4 path is there to discover. It takes about 1.20 minutes to reach the first relaxation point (Taygetus shelter) and for the most brave it is 3 more hours to conquer the highest peak of Taygetus mountain.


A small town right in the sea, a castle full of life and joy. The old town of Monemvasia is in about 1.20 min. distance from the resort and will offer you a full day tour. The old town has a unique, magical atmosphere and a fascinating history.



Kotrwnas, Limeni, Oitylo, Ageranos, Skoutari all of these places have to offer the most crystal beaches. The distance to Mani from the resort is about 45 min to 1 hour by car. Mani’s stone houses and amazing view will keep you company on the way.


It is no wonder that Simos is considered one of the best beaches in Greece. Simos Beach is easy to reach by car.Distance 1 ½ hour from our hotel.