Acticin (Permethrin)
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Product description: Acticin Cream is a scabicide. It works by killing the scabies mite (Sarcoptes scabiei).
Active Ingredient: Permethrin
Acticin as known as: Advantix, Aluband coleira, Antiparasitas, Arotrix, Auriplak, Bayvantic, Biokill, Bovi clip, Canac, Canitex, Canovel, Capitis, Catovel, Defencare, Defencat, Defendare, Defendog, Deorix, Dermocanis, Dermoper, Dertil, Dertolit, Destolit, Detebencil, Diacan, Duogard, Duowin, Ease-on, Ecto spot, Ecto-soothe, Elimate, Elimex, Emipet, Ermite, Exspot, Fleaban, Flego, Fletic, Flypor, Foractil, Frento, Fripi, Friskies, Gamabenceno plus, Gamaderm, Helpp, Indorex, Infectopedicul, Infectoscab, Insektol, Katrina, Kawu, Kilnits, Kinderval, Kwell, Kwellada, Licerin, Lincoln lice, Lorix, Lotrix, Louse powder, Lyderm, Mascote, Mite-x, Mithin, New-nok, Nidifol-g, Nitagon, Nittyfor, Nix, Nix creme rinse, Nix dermal, Nopucid, Norshield, Noscab, Novo-herklin, Parapoux, Pedeks, Penncapthrin, Peritol, Perlice, Perls, Permecure, Permenin, Permetral, Permetrino, Permin, Permisol, Permit spray, Permoxin, Perosa, Pertrin, Petscription triplegard, Petty, Piokil plus, Preventic permethrin, Proticall, Pulvex, Pulvex spot, Pustix duo, Quick kill, Quitoso, Ridect, Sarcop, Sarnol, Scabex, Scabiacid, Scabianil, Scabid, Scaboz, Scaper, Scarin, Skilin, Stomoxin, Swift, Switch, Tabercan, Taberdog, Tectonik, Tick-fence, Tindal, Tugon, Ultrum, Vetsense, Vifoskol, Wellcare, Witty, Xenex, Zalvor, Zehu-ze, Zekout, Zunex

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