Imuran (Azathioprine)
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Product description: Imuran is immunosuppressant. It is used to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, to prevent your body from rejecting a transplanted kidney or other transplanted organs.
Active Ingredient: Azathioprine
Imuran as known as: Aza-q, Azafalk, Azafor, Azahexal, Azaimun, Azamedac, Azamun, Azamune, Azanin, Azapin, Azapress, Azaprin, Azaprine, Azarek, Azarekhexal, Azasan, Azathioprin, Azathioprinum, Azatioprina, Azatrilem, Azopi, Azoran, Colinsan, Immunoprin, Imuger, Imuprin, Imurek, Imurel, Transimune, Zaprine, Zytrim

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